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LJ 18th anniversary

I've had this thing for SIXTEEN years... maybe I should post more often.

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Jan. 2nd, 2017

This isn't "It's a Wonderful Life," no angel is going to show up and show me why it matters that I'm here

- Keeping up with the 5 things I'm grateful for every day (almost every day)
- Interview for another pool next week (phew, passed the test for level I'm already at!)
- A lot of driving
- "This is Us" "The Good Place" ...and the Bachelorette
- Dr. Appointments galore
- Being the most large and unhealthy weight-wise I've ever been

10 things vacation week edition

1. Checking out a waterfall I never knew about very close to my parents house!
2. Dinner at 540 with Jen and Becky (sangria!)
3. Drive in Sunday night
4. Campfire at Kate and Belliveaus
5. Belliveau breakfast!
6. Shopping in Halifax
7. 1 day 100 portraits
8. Seeing my parents twice this week so far!
9. Good talk with Jen
10. Getting rid of some more unsightly stuff around the outside of my apartment building


It's been a fairly full week, perhaps I'll do a part two!


First five things in photo form, clockwise:

Wednesday 10 things

1. Power outage kindness. I echo Jen's sentiment in her last post, I spent a lot of time thinking of all of the things I have to be grateful for in all of this.
2. Half days at work because we have no power, it's much appreciated. Big group breakfast / lunch with coworkers.
3. Coffee. Availability, power to make it, sugar and milk to put it... All of it. BBQ boiled water and instant at work, it's all good.
4. Clearing a huge amount of trash from around my building, felt good. Clearing.
5. Orange is the new black... It's been nice to zone out to.
6. Everyone who is working so hard to get everyone back on the grid.
7. Quiet chats on a powerless Monday afternoon
8. Fresh clean towels
9. Being more comfortable alone with myself than I have been. It's still far from where I want, but it's a little better.
10. Dragging my butt through being more positive


Saturday Six

1. Melissa's birthday bingo with great people :)

2. Back to work!! I think it's going to be really good!!

3. Day 13 of green smoothie challenge!

4. Visiting Amanda in Minto and seeing kittens!

5. Car fix was not too bad, $150 much better than a dead car!

6. New work boots

self love and self improvement

"come at it from a place of knowing that you’re perfect exactly as you are right now . See if you can open that book on how to find your soul mate while loving yourself and knowing that you’re great. Throw yourself an “I rock” party before you take your next weekend seminar on overcoming fear and playing full out. Put your attention on what you want (love, happiness, joy, self-acceptance and/or peace of mind) and then, and only then, get out the sandpaper and spackle and begin to buff up yourself. No, I don’t believe self-improvement and self-love are mutually exclusive, but I do think you’ll get a lot further if you love yourself first, right now, exactly as you are. Plus, you’ll have a lot more fun"

Five for Friday

1. Air brake pass!
2. Long online chat with a friend
3. Lots of good chats with Jen this week
4. Babysitting my nieces
5. Promising chat with my manager


Five for Friday

1. Chances to sleep in
2. Nice last day at work
3. Getting a big chunk of the Christmas shopping out of the way
4. Nice hangouts with Jen and Danielle
5. Basketball game with Amanda